Sozopol is one of the most visited Bulgarian summer resorts. The town is situated on the south-east part of Bulgaria near Burgas in the aromatic bosom of the Strandzha Mountain. It is the oldest village on the Bulgarian Black sea coast dating 5-6 thousand years ago. That is why the town is of great interest by many archeologists and historians searching for ancient artifacts. The old town of Sozopol attracts a lot of tourists curious about the ancient times – the custom and the culture of the people lived in this era. Today is preserved a large part of the city walls that used to surround the city of Apollo. The time has gently saved and old houses that are still adorning the old town and telling its secrects to the tourists. In the suburbs of Sozopol and especially on the hills around the town the tourists can survey fortifications of the Thracians that used to protect against foreign attacks. Such fortifications could be seen on the hills of Attia and Bakyrluka and few other locations around the town. It is not only the history so fertile but the nature also. The peninsula where the old town is located rends the waves and is a symbol of the fight nature of the locals. There are a lot of interesting places around the town that must be seen and that is why we recommend you to visit them by car.


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