Ruse is one the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria. It is situated in the most east part of the Danube Lowland. The city is a very important economic center. Ruse is the fifth largest city in the country, despite the high level of urbanization the city has preserved its ancient appearance.


The history of Ruse

The history of Ruse starts two thousand years ago when the whole area was populated mostly by Thracians. A military marine of great importance has been located here. Ruse is connecting Bulgaria and Romania trough the famous Danube Bridge. As known as “The little Vienna” Ruse has preserved its old buildings dating from the ent of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The appearance of Ruse looks a strange, a foreign one. Such a beauty and sophistication is not very often for Bulgaria, especially a whole city. One of the mos attractive buildings in Ruse is the house of Andrea Turio – decorated with a Pompeous paintings and hand-drawn wallpapers. Visitors become enchanted by the culture of the residents of Ruse who have become Europeans for a long time and value their city’s beauty. The tourists can leave the city for a while and visit the Orlova Chuka cave (Eagle Rocky Peak cave). It is second largest cave in Bulgaria and it is available all year long for tourists. The port of Ruse is of great economic value because it takes a large part of our sea transportation.


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