Golden sands

Golden sands

There are many resorts on the North coast of the Black sea but Golden sands is one of the most celebrated. As it comes from its name the resort is famous for the beaches surrounding it that are so clean and shiny that they resemble gold.  Golden Sands is one of he oldest resorts but on the same time it is one of the most fashion and full of life places also. It is located 17 km from Varna. The 3 km long beach strip and the crystal clean water are making Golden Sands a heaven-like place on the earth, well appropriate to business as well as to holiday. There are a lot of entertainments – water-skiing, jets, sailing, bathos, variety shows and many classy restaurants are just the few of the many offerings to the guests. For the tourists who like walking there are 5 tourist routes going through historical places, relaxing spots revealing incredible views to the sea.

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