Borovec is our largest ski resort. Its situation between the slopes of the Rilla Mountain is a warrant for perfect conditions for winter sports. The feeling is magnificent when you are skiing on the path and the warm sunbeams are petting the cold, flushing face of yours. As the name of the resort tells (Borovec – Bor=Pine tree) Borovec is surrounded by pine trees which perennial are giving the fine odour of the place.

Borovetc is situated 120 km far from Sofia and no more than an hour drive from Plovdiv and this makes it a desirable destination for skiing in the weekends by many Bulgarians. Despite the large flow of enthusiasts and tourists the resort is still peaceful, quite and clean. Seeing thrown plastic bags or cigarette-ends over here is quite impossible, because people are being enchanted by the view and do not even dare to light a cigarette, but stay keeping their breathes.

Borovetc possesses a large number of paths, each of them different in level of difficulty in order to allow to everyone enjoy the unique sloping down on Rilla Mountain. The beauty of the resort drags annually thousands of foreign tourists who have been fascinated by the nature and the famous Bulgarian hospitality and are coming back every year.

The many lifts are giving the opportunity of easy approaching the high altitudes and the hot tea-places offer shelter to frozen tourists.

During the night is even more beautiful because moonbeams are reflecting in the snow’s white to create an amazing view.

In Borovetc you can enjoy the typical Bulgarian cuisine in a quiet pub, fulfilled by the real mountain spirit.

Unfortunately the access to the mountain is not very easy. Busses aren’t very often and the taxi would cost you a lot. If you do not posses a car your perfect choice would be renting a car from IRent. Conditions offered by our offices are unprecedented in Bulgaria and the prices are very popular. You are able to rent a vehicle with GPS navigator in order not to get lost on the road. You can also purchase a luggage-carrier on the roof of your car for skis and snowboards.

The most advantageous cars are easy to find only in IRent offices. All the vehicles are divided in categories and you have the possibility to choose among: economic, jeeps, luxury, wagon-cars and special. Prices vary from 20 to 115 euro the luxurious automobiles. The price includes all the insurances, Road Assistance tax, and last but not least unlimited mileage.

Another advantage of our company is renting a car online by visiting our web page and fulfilling a paper. Our clients have the possibility to declare a particular hour of renting in order not to pay for a period, during which they have not used the car. On our web-page you could find also much widther information about the activities of the company.

You can also make use of our special offer and hire a skilled and experienced driver from our offices who would be glad to drive you to any destination in Bulgaria. This would be a really smart choice for people who are intended to fest and must drive afterwards.


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