There is an attractive little town on the North Coast of the Black Sea. About its beauty there were a lot of legends told and among its residents are some of the most awaken people of Bulgaria. Balchik, or also called the White City, is situated on the central part of our North Black Sea Coast next to Albena Tourist Complex, Dobrich and Varna. This area has been settled from the very ancient times which is not a surprise taking into account its unique beauties. Situated on the white limestone rocks Balchik is gently looking at the sea which reveals all its secrects to the town and blesses it with warm summer breeze. The limestone structure of the area prevents it of construction of high buildings because landslides appear very often. All the guests of Balchik feel like they are going back into time and become enchanted by the simple and careless lifestyle. It was not a case of fortuitous event that the summer Palace of the Romanian Queen Maria Aleksandrina was built in this very town. The soft climate and the beauty of the Balchik Rocks have been found pleasant by the Romanian aristocracy and intelligentsia. So in the beginning of 20th century Balchik has approbated itself as our North Black Sea Coastal Culture Center. The Queen’s Palace is today one of the town’s main attractions and it’s visited annually by thousands of Bulgarian and foreign tourists. Another desired for visiting place in Balchik is the Botanical Garden of the University of Sofia. The garden welcomes its visitors the beauty and the amazing fragrance of Bulgarian and exotic plants. Here in the Botanical Garden of Balchik is the second in variety Cactus Collection in the whole world.

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