Albena is among the quietest and calmest resorts on the Black sea. Thanks to its specific landscape – sea and wood, the resort is preferred by more sedate of the Bulgarians and foreigners who are willing to escape from the stress and pressure of the everyday life and enjoy a real holiday. Locates 30 km from Varna and in proximity to Balchik Albna is famous for its wide sea strip of 150 m.Constructing of Albena starts in the summer of 1969 as today the resort is crowded by many modern hotels serving a lot of comfort and entertainment.Its proximity to the Botanical Garden of Balchik and the Baltata Park is just one of the many facts that attract so many tourists and fans of the flora all over to world. Baltata is a quiet park on the mouth of the Batowa River famous for its dense flora. The visitors have the chance to enjoy many kinds of trees – elm, hornbeam, poplar, willow, hawthorn, hazel-bush and many others. Here you can see some of the largest trees in Bulgaria as on the same time observe the fertile animal world.
In Albena the time goes slowly there is not any rush as in Sunny beach for example. It is only here where a man can enjoy the true nature that has been recently rejected in order of the lights and parties. In Albena you can find yourselves, your mind becomes clear and accepts the beautiful things.

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