About us

About us

Autotrade TS Ltd is found at the end of 2010 with the trade mark IRENT. In its activity Autotrade TS Ltd relies on the 20 years experience and traditions of the Autotrade Ltd in the automobile business since 1992. The company has offices in Sofia, Varna and Burgas. The firm is a leading Bulgarian company in the area of the tourist and rent a car services. Consulting for the structuring and optimizing of the car-park and giving proposals for Long-term rents and operative leasing. Autotrade TS Ltd has a reputation for a hopeful business partner thanks to its many successful projects and pleased clients. Among the customers of the firms are companies such as EON Bulgaria, Varna Municipality, DHL, EnBW, HP, IBM, OMV, SAP, a lot of small and average companies in Bulgaria, Europe and Russia and last but not least the many customers and their families having holiday in Bulgaria.

Mission of the company

The mission of Autotrade TS Ltd is proposing high-quality services to its customers, consulting and solving problems at popular prices, ensuring the prosperity and profitableness of the firm. The company has the mission to search for its customers’ needs and to give them the decisions that would solve these needs the most. This makes the company a reliable partner.

Virtues of Autotrade TS Ltd

Because we are ready to accept any challenge we win the trust of our customers and partners. The professionalism is the core of our firm culture. Our results are owed to our teamwork. Our associates have many different qualifications, professional experience and culture. There are the most precious of our assets. The team unites in order to ensure positive results, motivation, professional and personal development of its associates. The individual professional appraisal, education, mobility and diversity of the business are beneficial for the professional development and motivation of the employees.

Team-spirit is our future.

Virtue code of Autotrade TS Ltd
Improvement – anything we do well can do it better.
Customer service – we depend on our customers and always give priority to the supporting and the enhancing the level of service.
Professionalism – the effective and dedicative use and development of the skills is a main demand in the company.
People – people are the source of our might. Thus we obtain intelligence of the company, define our prestige and vitality. The main human values for us are commitment and team-work.
Profits – the profits are the last appraisal for our effectiveness ensuring our customers with the best automobiles in order to satisfy their needs. The profits are necessary for our survival and development.


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