Today Plovdiv is one the most attractive Bulgarian cities offering to its residents many possibilities for a development. Its proximity to the Bolkan and the Rodopa Mountains contributes to the picturesque view from the city.  Plovdiv is located at the foot of 7 hills and this contributes to its byname “The city of 7 hillocks”.

Nowadays it has declared itself as a cultural center and many events take place here every year as the most important is the International Fair.


Tourist attractions in Plovdiv

The quest of the city could acquaint themselves to the cultural life of the ancient Thracians, Romans and Byzantines. The city’s symbol is the mostly untouched by the ages amphitheater but there are many other monuments are the Roman Odeon, a place for musical entertainment, the Roman Agora and the stadium. But what attract the tourists the most is the old city – it pictures the Renaissance lifestyle of the Bulgarians and it is a gate to our history past.

Plovdiv is also famous for its night life, there are a lot of discos, clubs, bars with any music style. For the walkers there are many entertainments also. You can meet many artists, poets, potters and other artisans on a single street.

Despite anything Plovdiv like any other big city has a problem with the transportation, too many delays of busses, minibuses or trolleybuses.


Reserving a car in Plovdiv

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