Nessebar is a unique town of beauty and century-old history. The town is located next to Burgas and very often visited by many enthusiastic tourists who are looking for new knowledge and entertainment. Its history makes Nessebar an attractive location for many Bulgarians and foreigners who are willing to see the remnants of an ancient world. It is an interesting fact that even under Ottoman slavery this town used to be an important economic and social center for many native people.

The location of the town is an important purpose in an economic plan because of the sea trade which has been active since ancient times. Every patriot must visit Nessebar and especially the Old town. There 42 churches preserved since 4-5 A.D.   Some of them have become picture galleries and right now only one of them is still a temple but this isn’t a hindrance for the tourists to enjoy the sanctuaries. Because of its exquisite architecture Nessebar has become an important spot for many artists inspired by the churches, sea and the spirit of the town itself.

Reserving a car in Nessebar

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