Golf destination

Golf destination

Bulgaria has declared itself for the last few years as a desirable golf destination. Finally this sport of aristocracy and prestige found its soil here. Foreign and home investors saw the potential of our country and created amazing fields that attract world-class golfers who are willing to spend their holiday in Bulgaria and enjoy the unique views from the high-technological golf fields.

More and more tournaments are carried out in Bulgaria and it seems that in the next few years the interest will continue growing up and it is not strange at all in the presence of fiels like Blacksiramma, Rui Pravetc and Tracian Tears.

Each one of them is placed on a picturesque area in order to the players be able to enjoy the game as well as the nature and nice climate.

Blacsiramma is one the most famous golf fields in Bulgaria situated 30 km from our sea capital – Varna. Designed by Garry Player this field offers views that will make you hold your breath and a comfort to everyone. This fashion complex and its proximity to Varna both guarantee all your fancies will be satisfied because theaters, cinemas, malls, boutiques, restaurants are all 20 minutes driving from Blacksiramma.

Rui Pravetc is located on the shore of the lake of picturesque Pravetc. All players here can enjoy a wonderful climate, world-class field and perfect serving. Hotel guests can try their chance in the casino or relax in the spa center. The advantage of this field is its proximity to Sofia, just 40 minutes driving, and very often Rui Pravetc is the first stop of the foreign players.

Tracian Tears is considered the most beautiful field in Bulgaria. This earth heaven is also designed by Garry Player but it has also been complemented by the uniqueness of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. There are luxury studios, apartments, restaurants and beach available.

Until recently golf was considered a game for the rich. Nowadays though every Bulgarian can afford spend his holiday playing golf on any of the fields. But there is an unwritten rule that all the golfers are people of standing and means. That’s why the best way to introduce yourselves on the golf field is to rent a luxury car. Very often this would cost you a lot but the vehicles offered by iRent are on acceptable prices. They start from 60 euro per day and there are rebates for online reserving or prolonging the rental period. Especially for our customers we have foreseen the possibility of hiring a personal driver who will take care of your comfort and safety. Our drivers are experienced professionalists.

Have a deserved holiday and play golf with the most successful men in Bulgaria. Meet the beauty of this sport and enjoy the nature surrounding. It does not really matter if you make use of our services or just rent a car. When you first meet our professionalism and honesty you will be our customers for good.


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